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Effortlessly organise your car import from the USA

Whether you are moving from the USA or bought a car in America, you need a great service to handle the car import. It can be rather irritating filling in all the necessary paperwork and sometimes you might not have adequate knowledge of the legislation that comes with it. In this situation, you might want to inquire upon the services of Marlog Car Handling. They have many years of experience in car import from the USA and will be happy to help you. This way, you do not have to pain yourself with the large load of administration that comes with the task.

Leave your car import in safe and able hands

For many years, Marlog Car Handling has dealt with a variety of clients. Private collectors, gearheads, and business partners are among the many partners that they have. They have accumulated this through a full-on service that includes every step of the process. From payment intermediation to transport, every single aspect of the car import from the USA is taken care off. The shipping of your vehicle is organised through their extensive agency network. You can count on a fast delivery because they deal with weekly shipments. As they ship multiple cars in the same container, the costs are also significantly reduced.

Count on an excellent and flexible service

Whether you want Marlog Car Handling to handle the entirety of the process or merely a single phase, you will always have as much control over it as you want. Next to that, you will enjoy work of the highest quality due to the experience of the warehouse employees. The flexibility of handling every assignment differently and according to your wishes, means that you will be worry-free. Whether it is about export or import, Marlog Car Handling is ready to provide the service you need.