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The meaning of journey mapping

You might have heard the word journey mapping or the customer journey once or twice. But yet, you are unsure of what these words exactly mean. The meaning of journey mapping is that a company is making a road map for the exact steps that a customer must go through when buying a product. Most of the time the reason companies make a customer journey map, is not only to see if there are any problems that the process currently might have, but also to see what exact steps the company has put in place for the customer and their experience.

The various parts in one map

A company uses journey mapping for different steps in the buying process. Most of the time these steps consist of awareness, consideration, decision, service and lastly loyalty. The companies then focus on using the right steps for each part of the process. Sometimes some companies can decide to also act on the voice of the customer and are willing to implement their feedback back into their company or even their product. The inclusion of the voice of the customer can also benefit the company a lot regarding the loyalty part. If users have the feeling that their opinions are valued and have been implemented in the company strategy, then they are more likely to stay loyal to that company.

Some examples of journey mapping uses

In the awareness step of the journey mapping model, most of the time consumers are interested in seeing some advertisement on, for example social media or even next to the road on physical billboards. For the consideration part most of the consumers are more likely to compare the prices of two different companies. Most of the time the company who offers the cheaper variation of the product will get the final sale. Of course, this is dependent on the budget of the consumers. In the service part of the journey map, it is especially important that the consumer can always return to the company if some problems might occur with the product. Therefore, we highly recommend that you always use great customer service.