Are you interested in creating your very own urban jungle in your home? At they have many kinds of the Pilea Peperomioides for sale! This is a plant that is the perfect attrition to your homegrown jungle and thanks to its easy maintenance, it is a perfect plant for first timers. The Pilea is often seen in nursery homes, dormitories, and apartments with little natural lights. The Pilea Peperomioides that is for sale at looks good in every house or company. If you like pet-friendly plants where your cat or dog can move freely around, this plant is the one for you.

Experience the offspring of the Pilea

The Pilea Peperomioides that is for sale at has a lot of offspring! Choosing for the Pilea in your happy urban home jungle means you will have many children to decorate your entire house with it. The Pilea Peperomioides has a lot of shoots that are strong and plenty, meaning that you can cut them off by the roots and plant them in new soil. Are you unsure if the shoots have enough roots or are you unsure if you have the right soil? Then put them in a jar of water in the water sill. This way you can be sure the roots have enough nutrients to grow from the water and plenty of daylight. This solution is not only better for your plants, but it also looks cute on your window still a well.

Order today online

You can find different kinds of the Pilea Peperomioides that are for sale at You can choose for a small size till a large one. Choose your plant now and make your urban home jungle complete! If you have any questions about the maintenance, you can always contact them for more information.