AB Studio signed for the design of The Smart House, located in a Northern part of Glasgow. The House is characterized by a special and sophisticated design that maximises the benefits from the open view and that combines the outside and the indoors in a seamless manner. Throughout the House, that has a livingspace of almost 500 square meters, is a stylish polished screeded concrete floor provided by Incognito Underfloor Heating Glasgow.

(photocredits: photographer Glasgow)


Underfloor Heating Glasgow

AB Studio, the Office of architect Nick Rennick and best known of the Tredstoun Brig in Glasgow and the National transport museum in Coventry, started the design based on a residential home in which the various areas with each their own function share the openness and where the sight lines remain intact. To ensure that there was a maximum design freedom with minimum interruptions, Incognito Underfloor Heating Glagow was appointed. Incognito, founded in 2006 by the brothers Andy and Ross Skirton, delivers seamless screeded floors and renewable energy systems. In the Smart House they chose a floor in a subdued color, which brought in a subtle contrast with the hard wooden shell of the House. The abondance of light light that enters the House has free access to the different areas on the mat finished floor surface which adds to the openess and warmth character of the House. 

Renewable energy

The House is equipped with an extensive range of home automation solutions. Solar panels, mechanical installations, lighting, window blinds and heating can easily be controlled from a Panel in the sitting room. Several solutions were added for the purpose of heat-and energy-saving work. For example, the entire floor was fitted with underfloor heating. Underfloor heating under a screeded floor is an extra energy-saving feature because the material is quite thin and the system used less enegy to provide the same comfortable temperature. It transmits the warmth of the underfloor heating elements easily enabling the lower temperature heat up the room fast enough. In addition, an Incognito cast floor uses biopolymers of natural oil. “Other than petroleum, that in most other flooring is used, biopolymers is not a natural base that competes with biopolymers in the food chain,” says Incognito.

Andy Skirton, along with brother Ross founder and owner of Incognito: “we have in the 10 years that we started with the business worked with many big names from the world of (Interior) architecture. But now that we have been able to supply floors designed by AB Studio is an additional bonus. The manifold unit in the Smart House in combinations with the various other smart solutions integrate seamlessly with each other an with our sustainable design philosophy.