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What do you pay attention to when buying an electric chain hoist?

An electric chain hoist is used in industry for various purposes. Which electric chain hoist is the best? That depends on your goal. Want a good idea of ​​what to look out for? Check the points of attention here. So that you make a good choice.

2-ton electric chain hoist or an electric hoist 500 kg

What weight should you be able to lift with the electric chain hoist? It is not the case that you can rely on the weight that you use the most. You should start from the weight of the heaviest thing you should be able to lift with the electric chain hoist. So, think carefully about this. Sometimes it is better to go for a 2 ton electric chain hoist than for an electric hoist 500 kg.

What is the lifting height?

In addition, you should pay attention to what the maximum lifting height should be. With an electric hoist, for example, this can be about 30 meters. If necessary, you must ensure that the maximum lifting height corresponds to your wishes.


There are various brands for electric chain hoists. For example, a Hitachi is an excellent brand for many companies. Others would like a chain hoist from REMA. Of course, it depends on which brand looks reliable and good to you. Sustainability also often plays a role. Ultimately, of course, a hoist must always meet the standard. So, in that respect the brand would be less relevant.


The price is of course interesting for many companies. Why pay more when you can do it for less? Only if you know that a certain brand, for example, is less maintenance-sensitive and lasts longer, is that an important thing to include in the price. Ultimately, of course, you have to make your own choice.

Ask the expert

Do you not work with the hoist yourself and is it not really your area of ​​expertise? Then ask for help in making the choice. Think of help from someone who understands electric chain hoists, but also from those who have to work with the hoist. Otherwise, you may be in for some unpleasant surprises. Then you might have accidents or they might not be able to use the hoist. Of course, you don’t want both.