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10 Things to Do in Gdynia

The number of amazing things to do in Gdynia is enormous. From cultural attractions to historical sites, explore the great list of local attractions in Gdynia. Discover unique things to do and new places to see in Gdynia. Don’t miss out on these great sights and Restaurant Gdynia. Check out our top 7 list of attractions and activities to do in Gdynia. It will help perfect your trip to Gdynia, and you can end the trip at the courtyard hotel.

  1. Navy Museum

During the Second World War, part of the ship that was used for war purposes, the Navy Museum is located by the sea. The destroyer “Blyskawica” a (lightning) is a ship museum since 1976. The interesting and unusual museum is worth a visit.

  1. Torpedownia

According to the Wikipedia, “torpedownia is the common name of a central facility of German torpedo research centers, built in Poland during the Second World War”. There is also one located in Gdynia, located on the Babie Doły near the almost unused Mostowo airport (which looks similar to oil extraction platforms). The airport has been abandoned which makes it a great place that worth visiting and it stretch a few hundred meters away from the shore.

  1. Redłowski Cliff

Apart from the natural and olden buildings in Gdynia, the other things you can do are its parks and cliffs. Redlowski cliff (Orłowski cliff) is one of the most beautiful cliffs. The cliff is located in the south of the Redłowo district. There is also a shopping mall called “Klif” (cliff).

  1. Józef Piłsudski Monument

This is a statue dedicated to the man who is widely recognized as a key figure in Polish history, due to his involvement in regaining the country’s independence in 1918, after being absent from the map for 123 years. Jozef also helped preserve Russia’s freedom by defeating the Red Army on their advance westward in August 1920 in what came to be known as the ‘Miracle on the Vistula.’

  1. Arka Gdynia’s Football Stadium (Stadion Miejski)

The local football team (Arka Gdynia) has seen the club enjoying their most successful year in the history of the team. The team plays their match in yellow and blue strips. The team won both the Polish Super Cup (also against Legia Warszawa) and Polish Cup (against Lech Poznan) and also qualified for the Europa League. The Stadion Miejski which is a 15,000 seater stadium is a great place to watch a match.

  1. Pomnik Wysiedlonych Gdynian (Displaced Gdynians Monument)

It is important to remember the war history of Gdynia, a city so close to Westerplatte, where World War II is rumored to have started. Many Gdynia were forced to leave the town during the Nazi German regime, and this monument is dedicated to those who went, many of whom were sent to death camps and never returned.

  1. Gdynia Główna (Train Station)

The central train station here has been divided into two parts; modern and preserved. The ancient part of the station has been maintained and acts as the gateway to the local SKM service to Sopot and Gdansk.