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3 Benefits Of Using Portable Room Dividers

As a business changes, it’s only natural that the office design and layout will be affected. As an office dynamic changes or the head count and job roles change, it’s important to keep your office up to date and laid out in a way that supports the needs of the business.

Where possible, it’s a great idea to use furniture and office décor that can be adapted to enhance any office setting. A versatile piece of furniture not only supports change but ensures you can use the same product for years to come, without producing any waste.

With office layout and versatility in mind – How can a portable room divider be a benefit to your office design?

1)      Portable Solution

With a hint in the name, the portable screen offers a portable feature. Using a portable screen within an office is incredibly useful due to the castor feet which enables the screen to be moved around the office and placed in a different location.

When paired with a concertina affect the screen can be folded away, which makes the office screen suitable for storing when not in use.

2)      Versatile

The versatile design of a portable screen enables the screen to be used in any working environment. With slimline design, portable castors and sturdy structure, the portable screen can easily be added to a school, office, medical centre or industrial environment.

3)      Adds privacy

The purpose of a portable room divider can be to separate working areas, used as an emergency screen or even within an exam hall. All purposes have something in common and that’s the added privacy you’ll receive whilst using the screen.

Pick and choose when privacy will be needed with the portable castor solution.

With 3 strong benefits of using a concertina portable room divider, it’s clear they can work within any environment, even when the times comes to change the layout. Create privacy and style with a versatile screen to support you through your ever changing office design.