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The right squash clothing is important when playing squash. You want this to be a lightweight material that is airy at the same time. When you wear comfortable squash clothing you can fully focus on what happens in the game. At Quality Squash Stores we make it possible to buy high quality squash clothing at a good price. A great way to get the best squash clothing is by looking at Quality Squash Stores.

During squash you make many unexpected trips to different corners of the track. It is important that the squash clothing that you buy can handle this and move smoothly in this. The clothing is available with us in all kinds of different models, sizes, colors and designs. In addition, there is a suitable fit with self-breathing qualities for every body type. In a sport such as squash it happens that you lose a lot of fluid. When wearing squash clothing it is therefore important that this can regulate the moisture. We sell different brands of squash clothing that have different ways to process the moisture. We sell squash clothing from various top brands such as Jako, Salming and Oliver. In addition to squash clothing, we also sell high quality squash rackets, squash shoes, squash balls and squash accessories. Jako Jako uses clothing that is equipped with Keep Cool technology. This means that the wearer does not become too hot, even when he makes a heavy effort. The garments are made of polyester which makes it feel very light. The Jako logo is sportively printed on the clothing, making the design look sleek.

The shoulders marked by lines contrast nicely with the other colors of the shirts. Salming Salming was originally founded by Börje Salming. Börje Salming was one of the first European ice hockey players to make an international impression. He founded his company and makes contemporary clothing and other products for different sports. These sports are handball, running, floorball and of course squash. From running shoes to squash shirts, Salming develops and produces it all. This clothing is made for both women and men. Are you looking for something to put on Salming’s clothing? No problem! Salming also offers squash bags! We also offer Salming wristbands, headbands and squash strings. Oliver Oliver uses MC cool technology to give the shirts a cooling effect during strenuous efforts. The shirts are made of polyester which makes it feel light during exercise. This is always a recommendation from Quality Squash Stores.