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Discover Curaçao and stay in a first class hotel

The Ritz Village is a hotel in Scharloo on Curacao where it is wonderful to stay. Anyway, Curaçao is a pleasant island. First of all something about nature. In the kunuku (Papiamentu for the Leeward Islands) grow various species of low trees and plants. These are a few known species:

-The dividiviboom -also called the wind tree- grows crooked because the wind always blows from the same direction;

-The aloe vera is a flowering plant in which the thick leaves together have a rosette shape;

-The agave plant has pointed leaves of which the sides are covered with thorns.

Herbs and orchids also grow on Curaçao. Not to mention all kinds and sizes of cacti. The oldest tree on the island, the kapok tree, can be found in Hofi Pastoor. The island has two well-known nature reserves. The Christoffelpark around the Christoffelberg. And the National Park Shete Boka with its sea turtles. Many animals live on the island, including goats, lizards and bats.

Something for everyone

On a cultural level, there is also a lot to do. From your hotel near Pietermaai Curacao you can drive to the following attractions in no time:

-The Ostrich Farm;

-The Aloe Vera plantation;

-The Sea Aquarium where you can swim with dolphins;

-Various museums with themes such as the Afro-Curaçaoan background and the maritime past.

And then the beaches! There are so many of them, most of them on the south coast. A few highlights are: Big Cut and Small Cut, Vaersenbaai (now renamed Kokomo Beach), Playa Jeremi, Playa Porto Marie and Westpunt. Curaçao has always been a hospitable island. Everyone was and is welcome there. There are more than 100 nationalities. On a population of 158,000 that is quite a lot. The vast majority is Creole, these are the original inhabitants. Then follow smaller communities such as Chinese, Portuguese, Surinamese, Dominicans, Haitians, Jamaicans, Indians and Dutch. Traditionally, many Jews also live on Curaçao. The Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue is considered to be the oldest synagogue still open on the American continent. The building dates from 1732. A visit is highly recommended.