Education is an effort for elder people to convey their knowledge to the younger generation and it is a must for everyone living in this world to be educated as much as possible. Talking about Munich, the education there is reasonable from kindergarten up to university level but the language is German. Some students face difficulties while adapting to this language.

Education system in Munich

Munich education system is said to be stressful for ten year olds. Kids mostly start attending kindergarten at the age of three, and start grade 1 at the age of six. All students learn a standardized curriculum until they reach grade 4. After completing education till grade 4, they have to attend one of the three types of schools:

  • Hauptschule

  • Realschule

  • Gymnasium

Being the safest and greenest city of Europe. Munich offers 7 English speaking schools, and 50 English speaking nurseries along side children’s day care centers. There are private institutions in Munich who organize kindergartens and nurseries for English speaking, Spanish, French, and Italian kids. Some international schools also have facilities for kids younger than three years old.

It doesn’t matter which kind of school they attend, each and every student has to complete at least nine years of education. On the other hand, schooling is usually conducted in the morning and due to a lot of homework, they are not able to get much involved in extra curricular activities.

Munich also consists of international schools and they offer modern facilities as well than most of public and private schools but of course these benefits come at a price. So those who can afford to pay for high tution fees and who want to send their kids to an international school, here are some names of schools in the Munich area.

  • Bavaria International School

  • European School Munich

  • International Bilingual School Munich

  • Japanese International School Munich

  • Jewish Primary School SINAI

  • Lycée Français Jean Renoir

  • Munich International School

  • Phorms Primary School & Gymnasium

  • St George’s School Munich


Health Care

Health care plays a vital role in our life. The act of taking required amount of medical procedures to improve a person’s health is basically health care. A person’s health is usually improved either by taking medicines or surgeries. These services are offered in hospitals.

Health Care In Munich

Health care in Germany is superior but it can be pricey. This city has some of the world’s most advanced hospitals, and is like home to surgical centers and specialists. Munich happens to have top-notch university hospitals, one of them is:

  • Munich General Hospital

This hospital represents the immense healthcare provider in south Germany. Talking about pharmacies, they usually employ English speaking staff. They are said to be open on weekdays from 9 am to 6:30 pm & on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm. Munich offers the best of Germany’s sights, as well as gives you Europe’s best health services. Munich surely is now a center of quality German healthcare.


We can say that Munich by far is the best choice for getting education in Germany and same goes for health care. Munich surely is now a center of quality German healthcare. The same goes for hotels. There are many affordable hotels in Munich.