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Tips that you can choose to make sure you don’t pay insurance too much, learn all about it

Don’t insure if you can’t pay up the costs yourself. Or if you have to, of course, but turn off unnecessary additional insurance. Not sure whether or not you need supplementary insurance? It’s actually quite simple: think about whether you could pay your bills (even high ones!) yourself. Can you do that? Then it is often wiser not to take out supplementary insurance. Tip: set aside the amount you save each month by turning off the insurance or turning the televisie down.

Insurance for dentals

So: do you pay € 10,- per month for an additional dental insurance? Then this is € 120,- on an annual basis. For an annual check-up, a simple dental cleaning and possibly an X-ray, you pay around € 60,- in total. If you have healthy teeth and you hardly ever have to go to the dentist – apart from the annual check-up – then it is a shame to take out extra supplementary insurance. In that case you pay at least € 60,- more than necessary.

Saving on insurances

Suppose you have taken out household effects insurance with a cover value of € 80,000 but your household effects have a value of € 60,000. In that case you pay the premium associated with a contents value of € 80,000, but – if something happens – you will only receive € 60,000 (because that is worth the contents). Sin. To determine the value, you can use a contents value meter. If you fill it in, you get a guarantee against underinsurance. There are also savings to be made with car insurance. Nearly half of all Dutch people are too well insured and pay more monthly premiums than necessary. If you are over-insured, adjust the coverage (and therefore your premium). Know which insurance is right for you and your car.